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17 Jan 2022

Driver’s licenses in India

When it involves driving, a driver’s license is one among the foremost important identification documents in India. it’s extremely important to possess a license before you drive a car since it works as your permit to drive on Indian roads. most of the people already know what a driver’s license in India is, but what proportion does one actually realize it? Let’s detail it out.

What is a Driving License?
A driver’s license may be a document that’s issued by the Indian government which allows people to drive differing types of vehicles on the road. In India, the license is issued by the Regional Transport Office or the Regional Transport Authority (RTO / RTA) of every state. The license is most ordinarily mentioned as a DL. It helps in confirming that the driving force has:

Undergone the training and tests required to drive a car in India, and
Is conscious of all the traffic rules and regulations
The DL consists of a license number and a passport-sized photograph of the license owner for the aim of identification. along side this, the driver’s license features a rubber stamp, the signature of the RTO officer-in-charge, and therefore the address of the office that issued the DL.

Types of Driving Licenses in India
Driving licenses are of various types, which are issued supported the sort of auto that you simply want to drive. Following are the most sorts of licenses that you simply should remember of: –

Learner’s License
If you’re learning the way to drive a vehicle in India, it’s mandatory to possess a learner’s license. This acts as a provisional license that permits you to practice driving on the road. However, an individual having a permanent DL must be accompanying you. to accumulate a learner’s license, the applicant must have good knowledge of road rules and will have passed a written or online test.

Permanent driver’s license
Once you finish learning the way to drive and pass the driving test, you’ll receive a permanent driver’s license, 30 days after receiving the learner’s license. there’s a specific period of time that this license is valid, after which you’ve got to use for the renewal of your driver license.

International driver’s license
If you would like to drive in foreign countries, you would like to possess a world driving permit (IDP) which acts as a politician travel document and is certified by the United Nations (UN). The IDP is given to tourists who are travelling to foreign countries; for an Indian citizen travelling abroad, the IDP must be applied for in India.

Light automobile License (LVM) and Heavy automobile (HVM) Licenses
The light automobile license allows you to drive vehicles like autos, taxis, delivery vans, jeeps, and so on. On the opposite hand, an important automobile license is for those driving buses, cranes, trucks, and similar vehicles. Both these licenses are commercial licenses that let a private to drive a billboard vehicle as authorised by the RTO of the state. Applicants got to get their learner’s license before they apply for a light-weight or heavy automobile license.

driver's license in India

Eligibility for a driver’s license in India
To get a driver’s license in India, the eligibility depends on the sort of auto that you simply want to drive.

  1. For a motorbike without gears, up to 50cc, the applicant must be a minimum of 16 years aged and therefore the consent of a parent or guardian is required if the applicant is below 18.
  2. to accumulate a license for motorcycles with gears, the applicant must be 18 years old.
  3. For commercial heavy and transport vehicles, the applicant should have completed their education up to 8th standard a minimum of and must be quite 18 years old. In some states, the age requirement is 20 years.

While applying for a driver’s license , you would like to submit variety of documents like your certificate , PAN card, passport, 10th class mark sheet, transfer certificate from any school for any class together with your date of birth printed thereon , AADHAR card, and so on. realize These Documents intimately

Point to Note: A general requirement for acquiring a driver’s license is that the applicant must be well-versed with the traffic rules and regulations and will have valid address and age proofs. Also, keep a track of the license’s expiry date because it will assist you get your driver license renewal process started on time in order that there’s no gap in its validity. At Rv school , we offer world-class training to assist you become a confident and responsible driver and offer license assistance also . Come, get to understand us. better.

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