Are you driving right
17 Jan 2022

Are you driving right?

Are you driving right. It allow us to check out the state of driving in India. Many of us don’t know the rules and regulation

To begin with, allow us to check out the state of driving in India. per annum , around 1 50 000 people die thanks to road accidents, which is quite the amount of individuals who have died altogether the wars put together that India has fought. as compared , the us of America which may be a developed auto market witnessed 40 000 road accident deaths in 2016. Out of 1 50 000 road accident fatalities, quite 25 000 deaths were thanks to car crashes. this is often primarily due to negligent driving. More accidents are occurring thanks to wrong behavior than a scarcity of skills. Hence, controlling one’s behavior is as important a neighborhood of driving training as attaining driving skills.

Here are some details for you to think about when it involves driving an automobile:THE ART OF SHARING THE ROAD
Everyone on the road enjoys driving the maximum amount as you are doing . Roads are property and it’s extremely important that you simply drive safely. it’s necessary to stick to the rules and maintain a secure distance between your car and other vehicles. Drive very carefully near schools, hospitals, and construction zones. Strictly adhere to the driving rules once you are near children, blind persons, handicapped individuals, and old people. Safe driving habits can reduce fuel consumption, decrease emissions, and reduce time period too. Our collective behavior forms our road culture.

Speed isn’t Always Fun
Driving conditions and traffic flow are factors that dictate your driving speed. While staying within the regulation , you furthermore may got to match your driving speed with the traffic flow. the probabilities of crashing into vehicles ahead of you increase if you drive faster than the traffic flow. Maintaining a gentle speed, within legal limits, at a secure following distance will assist in giving you the time required to handle an emergency situation. Constantly anticipating what may emerge on the road causes you to a secure and responsible driver.

A Vigilant Driver Saves Lives
We love our technologically advanced cars and various driving assists that they are available with, but with the arrival of those technologies, drivers are getting negligent too. At times, these tools divert the eye and cause unsafe driving. Therefore, it’s important to stay an eye fixed on the road in the least times and abide by the principles and regulations while driving. Never text while driving because it can endanger your life along side the lives of your co-passengers.

Brush Up Your Skills
You must always practice everything that you simply learned for your four wheeler driving test. because it seems , most of these rules aren’t just good driving lessons; they’re legal regulations. it’s better to follow traffic lights than get into an episode of road-rage. confirm you’re not talking on the phone while driving. And last but not least, never drive after consuming alcohol

Get to Understand Your Car Better
It helps an excellent deal to know the features of your car. As per the automobiles Act, a budding driver should understand the working of varied systems of the vehicle in order that the driving force is in a position to require the right decision just in case of any abnormality observed or emergency situation faced. Exploring your own car may be a sure-shot thanks to a happier driving experience. Learn to concentrate to your car and make sure that you’ve got complete knowledge of all the controls and their functions. you’ll realize that tons of this technical knowledge isn’t all that difficult to master.

Thera are not any Shortcuts to Safety
Do a radical safety check before starting a journey. Keep the checklist of the foremost important things ready, like seatbelts, mirrors, fuel, water, atmospheric pressure , care kit, spare tires, toolbox, spare bulbs and fuses, and an emergency parking reflector. Use the mirrors and signaling indicators to not only ensure your own safety but also the security of other vehicles.

It is indeed never too late to see your driving skills and learn a couple of things afresh. Follow the pointers during this write-up and make your driving safer. Adhering to traffic rules, having a sound understanding of your vehicle, and socially responsible driving will keep you and your loved ones safe

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