Learn Driving in 10 Days
17 Jan 2022

Learn Driving in 10 Days

Learn Driving in 10 Days

Let us make your journey and Learn Driving in 10 Days.Driving schools in Bangalore typically offer two programs. Driving schools in and surrounding offer 10 days course with an hour a day where as driving schools in and near by area offer 15 days course with half an hour a day. If you are signing up for ten days, an hour a day course then your day-wise progress will have following elements in it:

You will learn driving in a customized car having pedals on the passenger side as well. Your instructor will occupy passenger seat and can control the car using those pedals.

It’s important to know your surroundings and hence instructor will give you general information about vehicle to start with such as accelerator, break, clutch, steering, gears, and indicators. Instructor will also prompt you to adjust the side and rear view mirror. You will learn to use accelerator, clutch and break on your first day. Your instructor will mostly change the gears for you today.

Half clutch technique is an important aspect of driving and you will be asked to stop-star-move numerous times to learn half clutch technique. Instructor will make you cross over humps (speed breakers), and teach you to honk (blow horn) while taking turns.

While learning it may be fine but after learning the car we encourage you to avoid honking unless it is necessary. People honking near hospitals, schools, and at signal with red light is ON is a behaviour that in most cases can’t be explained. Avoid doing such things.

You will not cross speed beyond 20 KM/H today, and that absolutely is fine. We encourage you to ask questions to instructor in case you have any concerns of queries.

You are going to repeat all that you have learned yesterday with few additional yet important things. Today you will get to control gear also. So again expect to stop, start & move many times during the session. The more you have control over your controls the safer it will be for you and others on the road.

Your instructor might take you to rough and bumpy roads. Today you might get a chance to reverse your vehicle for few times. You also expect to drive on ascent and descent. Again half-clutch technique will be repeated multiple times.

You might be asked to drive in third gear but don’t yet expect to cross speed limit beyond 30-35 KM/H.

Don’t forget to adjust mirrors before starting.

Practice makes a man perfect, woman too off course.  So you will be practising what you have learned in past two days mostly. You might start feeling better now.

Practice still makes a man & woman perfect and hence you will practice the same old things with addition of few more rounds of driving reverse, going on ascents and descents. Expect speed limit of your vehicle to be below 40 KM/H.

Driving school’s car might have speed control and hence it’s bad idea to wait till the 10th day to sit behind the wheel in your own car. Hence you can start practising with your own vehicle during evening/night under supervision of somebody who is adult and holds valid driving license.

Don’t overdo anything while you are driving you own car, stick to basics and just learn to drive straight, take turns, stop-start-move only. However if you still are not confident then you are not advised to do it and take risk.

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Day-5, 6
You are half way through and expect to feel empowered, confident and ready to rock. You will have better control on vehicle now. Speed limit of your car to touch 40 KM/H now. If your instructor feels confident then he can allow you to go slightly faster than 40. You will repeat all that you have learned during past days.

Practising with your own car will boost your confidence, so do it if you can. Again, you are the best judge of your abilities and know your feelings well and hence hop in your own car to drive only if you feel confident.

Day-7, 8, & 9
You are still supposed to practice all basic techniques. Now you can expect your instructor to take you in traffic, might be on highway as well if he has enough confidence on you. You can expect to accelerate up to 45KM/H but again that depends upon how good driver you turned yourself into so far. More reverse, driving through traffic where people and/or vehicles are around.

During the course obviously instructor will keep giving you instructions about traffic signals and so on.

You can apply for permanent driving license after 31 days of getting learner driving license. And for permanent driving license you need to show and impress RTO officer with your driving skills to earn permanent driving license. Driving schools does may advise you to save this class for later to revise lessons right before going for permanent driving license. It’s your prerogative to save it for later or learn on 10th day itself.

If you take this class right before going for permanent driving license then you will be revising what you had learned already. This class mostly will be focused on elements driving that RTO officer might be interested in. Remember, officer might deny to grant you license to take it very seriously.

Drive Z team congratulate you for finishing the line successfully!! Pat your back, open a bottle of champagne and celebrate the day of becoming independent with respect to Learn Driving in 10 Days.

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